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In fact, almost a third of the interviewees But above all, In substance, in the two Southern areas, which are more handicapped from the socio-economic point of view, the call centers become traps into which it is easy to fall, but from which it is difficult to get out even if you want to. While in the two cases of the Center and the North more weight is given by the interviewed workers to the subjective value of the rational choice, of the utilitarian dimension.

What is important is the ability to communicate positively with the clientele, to interact with the others, to know how to resolve the problems if and when they occur. The savoir-faire prevails, therefore, over the know-how Accornero, Carmignani Notwithstanding this, the climate inside the analyzed organizations is predominantly positive; in fact, there are good relationships between the colleagues and with the management, these are characterized by a collaborative leadership style, which is scarcely authoritarian and is directed to favor the commitment of the operators through the creation of a working environment in which friendship and informality prevails.

In reality, the harmony and the collaboration that seem to characterize the surface relationships between the subjects, and the appearance of operator autonomy in the carrying out of the job do not hide the imperative of the production and the objectives that must necessarily be reached. Above all, there emerges a very great distinction between inbound and outbound operators, to which there is added the possibility of a greater or lesser formalization of the employment relationship, full time permanent contract or project contract.

The reading of the data substantially confirms the clean split between the two modalities to which correspond tasks, safeguards, different retributive levels with relative different intensity in the degree of work satisfaction. A first aspect concerns the public or private nature of the service rendered.

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A further element, tightly connected to the type of call center, is represented by the dimension in terms of number of posts and of operators. In the smaller call centers the prevailing modality is the outbound calls, there are generally better working conditions and a higher level of satisfaction. As far as regards the working conditions, the most problematic aspects are found, instead, in the large multi-tasking call centers in which a sense of unease is manifested more frequently and the workers report lower levels of satisfaction.

The combination of such characteristics leads to significant differences, both in terms of work organization and conditions, in the profile of the operator as well as in the management of the working relationships.

GE Healthcare Italy: CALL CENTER

Taking into account such differences, it is possible to understand the operation and the internal dynamics of the call centers and, above all, the choices of young people, who in various contexts opt for this type of career. Accornero, Aris and Fabrizio Carmignani I paradossi della disoccupazione , Bologna, Il Mulino. Altieri, Giovanna eds , Lavorare nei call centres. Batt, Rosemary and Hiroatsu Nohara Brophy, Enda The Subterranean stream: Communicative capitalism and call centre labour.

I lavoratori della conoscenza, Milano, F. Callaghan, George and Paul Thompson Campi, Marcella and Romilda Palamara Call center e risorse umane ,Milano, F. Castells, Manuel Corigliano, Emma and Lidia Greco Trappole e traiettorie nel mercato del lavoro meridionale: salvati dal telefono?

Communications: regulation and outsourcing in Italy: overview

Una ricerca in un call center , Milano, F. Crozier, Michel and Richard Normann Della Rocca, Giuseppe and Vincenzo Fortunato Lavoro e organizzazione. Drucker, Peter Milano, Etas Kompass, Felstead, Alan and Nick Jewson eds Global Trends in Flexible Labour. London, Macmillan. Gosetti, Giorgio La valenza esplicativa dei dualismi, Sociologia del lavoro , n. Angeli, pp. Greco, Silvana Glucksmann, Miriam Granovetter, Mark Herzberg, Frederick Holtgrewe, Ursula and Christian Kerst Huws, Ursula Working at the interface: call centre labour in a global economy.

ISFOL Paulet, Renee Pierre, Xavier and Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay Journal of Management Policy and Practice , vol. Pierre, Xavier et Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay Regalia, Ida eds , Regolare le nuove forme di impiego , Milano, F. Reyneri, Emilio Sennett, Richard Le conseguenze del nuovo capitalismo sulla vita personale , Milano, Feltrinelli. Standing, Guy Global Labour Flexibility. London: Macmillan. Winiecki, Donald As far as methodology, each research group chose call centers, in accordance with the identified criteria, in some cases among those companies available to cooperate with researchers and in some others delivering questionnaires directly to call center operators outside the firm at the end of their working shifts.

In addition, we also experienced problems related to specific typologies of call centers such as the public ones with more than employees which are less diffused in the South of Italy and those private-dedicated with less than employees; this meant that we covered 19 organizations instead of 24 as originally foreseen in the research plan. Finally, we delivered at least 50 questionnaires in call centers with less than employees and at least questionnaires in those ones over employees.

'Life should mean life': Italian activists call for tougher femicide laws

In practice, this traditionally led to a managerial abuse of cheap as well as flexible working contracts both numerical and functional. Following this institutional intervention, social parties reached an agreement to set the guidelines that companies would have had to accomplish to turn non standard contracts in traditional forms of employment.

Plan Introduction.