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At Brooklyn's Egg , chef Evan Hanczor started making his own vinegar to "avoid throwing away something in this case, wine that could be made into something delicious in this case, vinegar. And the process couldn't be more simple: Hanczor combines leftover wine with a live vinegar.

Homemade Red Wine Vinegar Recipe - NYT Cooking

That's a vinegar that has an active culture or "mother," an acidic, bacteria-packed mixture that kickstarts fermentation. That mixture sits for months until it turns funky and tart. Hanczor is left with a tart wine vinegar that is full of rich flavor that's better than the store-bought stuff.

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Better quality and flavor and it's super easy to make? We're intrigued too. Here's how to do it:. This combination of cultures and acidic bacteria will give your vinegar life by kickstarting its fermentation. You can purchase one online , use a live vinegar like Hanczor, such as Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar , or snag some from a friend who's already jumped on the DIY wine vinegar train.

Hanczor suggests a ratio of wine to vinegar to get things started.

Add the mother and some decent wine into a glass or ceramic jar. There will also be some vinegar here that you can filter out with a fine sieve or coffee filter into another bowl to transfer to bottle.

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  3. Chefs make their own vinegar from leftover wine!
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  8. While not particularly appetizing, it is not harmful; just a bacteria chain hungry for your leftovers. Transfer your culture to a storable container with a wide mouth, like a crock. Another good vessel to use is a glass beverage container with a spigot, like for iced tea.

    What fine wine and good vinegar have in common

    Stainless steel is OK to use, but tin and aluminum are not; plastics are not encouraged. In the container, combine with your MOV some fruits that might be on the way out — berries, apples, pears and pit fruits are all good choices, even tomatoes. Whatever you add will contribute to the overall flavor, so be mindful that while a banana will make the entire batch bannanariffic and somewhat overwhelming, an overripe mango might be more your speed.

    You can also use fresh fruit juices in addition to the wine. Store bought bottle juice is not a good idea as it has preservatives that inhibit fermentation.

    Be sure the container is covered but can breathe one idea is to securely replace the lid with cheesecloth , and put the mix in a warm dark place once again, checking on it every week. Continue to add liquid as needed. A bit of scum will form on top as the process continues.

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    Just scrape it off before you add more to the mix. I recommend tasting at 6 weeks and going from there. Your Vinegar Once the vinegar is to your liking, pour from the spigot and bottle it in small, sterilized, airtight vessels.

    Vinegar Making Supplies: Everything You’ll Need to Make Your Own Vinegar

    Or if your container has spigot envy, just ladle and strain, then bottle. You can also add fresh herbs to the bottles if you like. This will not only make your vinegar look pretty, but infuse it with the yummy herb flavor. Your Mother will continue to work and grow as you add to it. Scrape some into a container and give some to your friends.

    Making vinegar from leftover wine