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Asociar, I', a. Asombrar, v. Capital, Oviedo. Astuto, a, adj. The old Sp.

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Atajar, v. Bobre, to call a. Atento, a, adj. AtQlo, n. At- lantic. Atraer, v. Atrincherar, v. CTlftndo, even if, although. Auteutictdid, n. Avanzar, v. Avasallador, a, adj. Ay, inter j.

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Gram, g , a. Azufrado, n. Balanza, n.

Bandera, n. SariinoHe-ra, from Carthag. Barco, n. Barrio, n. Batalla, n. Bayona, p. BSriuger or Beringer.

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A suburb of Madrid named fcom a convent close by. Berta, Bertha. UH- Sna, n. Bordar, v. Braio, fl. IB,, spirit, vigor, elasticity. Broma, it. Bpiiuin, in with the feasts of Bacchus,] Brotar, ti. BrtiMr, v. Bueno, o, adj.


Biqia, Bugia, town in North Africa near Algiers. Burgos, principal town in the north- ern part of Old Caslile, near the frontier of Aiava. Borlarse, to jest, lo be jesting ; b. Bi rl5n, a, aJJ,, mocking, sneering; roguish.

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Hif, hunt in a thicket. Cabal, adj.

See ahogar. No le cabe en la cabeza qae, dudo, tbeie is no doubt. Con la c. CachaiB, n. Caer, V. Caimix, V. Callar, v. In , exchange; c. Campanudo, a, adj. Canal, n. Cansar, v. Bi, French cloak with a hood, great coal. H,, cardinal. L, cardinalis, from cardo, hinge, chief auxiliary. Cargar, n. Caricatura, n. J CatmoBO, M. Carolus, from Tent, kail, strong. J hueso, flesh and blood. Caaa-Diego, house of James, mod- em example of title of nobility. Castigar, li. Catorce, num. CajSndo — tatr. OeeSo, n. Cedir, v. M, hundred. Centro, R. See Area. Ceiradnra, n.

Ceumte, adj. Cesante, n. Cielo, H.

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Ciento, num. Ciertamente, adu. CAma, n. Oinco, num. Clajuar, v. Oavar, v. YII, a schismatic Tpapt Nluado, illustrious, and wig, light. Cfifrade, B.

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Colaborador, h. CoteedoB, n. Colocar, V.