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Missed out on rats who peek-a-boo and roosters who cock-a-doodle-doo? The thoughts of a fish. The Soul of an Octopus. Listen to a podcast of the show here. Sy Montgomeryova returns to the Czech Republic. Earlier this year Sy had the great pleasure and challenge of selecting stories for The Best American Science and Writing In advance of its October publication, Publishers Weekly has given the anthology a good review:.

Naturalist Montgomery How to Be a Good Creature emphasizes a sense of wide-eyed wonder in this enjoyable anthology. The Unleashed Octopus.

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Listen here or read the transcript. Watch her talk here. The further — further — adventures of Heidi, the best friend of turtles everywhere. Heidi loves sea turtles. When she talks we all listen. Charlie Innis. Thanks to the more than friends who joined us. And to the woman in the background whose hard work is its own Gnu Testament , Runi Estes. Photo by Lysa Leland. Talking about Good Creatures. Folks can hear the whole show here. Sy joins the show at the Fear of sharks spiked last summer on Cape Cod after a great white shark fatally bit a year-old surfer.

While we have a higher risk of getting hit by lightning than killed by a great white shark, people are agitated about sharks. Happy BioBlitz Birthday, E. His real birthday was June Get a load of that cake: the one time you put an ant on a cake on purpose. Hyena Defenders. Is The Lion King fair to hyenas? To ask the question is to answer it. Listen here around the minute mark. Many thanks to Kenny Pappaconstantinou at Elephant Audiobooks who did the recording. Sy is in Ecuador with Deb and Patrick Joyce, meeting pelicans, frigate birds and blue footed boobies above, sea turtles, butterfly fish and mobula rays below, and dolphins on the surface between.

They are working on a new book about the scientists who study manta rays. Thank you for the photos, Patrick.

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For the hate of dogs. We treat pet dogs with such sentimentality while their wild, endangered relatives are feared and persecuted. Wherever you go, go prepared. Sunscreen is a must. Bottles of water essential. And one of those books, says the Times, should be How to be a Good Creature. You can watch the short video. Thank you, young readers of Everett, WA, for such a fun morning talking about animals at your fabulous library with its awesome fish tank.

Up Next: Manta Rays. In June Sy will be joining an expedition off Peru which is studying these beautiful creatures. Three cities in three days! Olson Nature Writing Award. The Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough, N. Sy loves to read at the Toadstool because there will be a large turnout and thoughtful questions. Willard Williams, who opened the Toadstool in , told the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript in an interview about the many writers who have visited his store:. They give great presentations…. Thank you Donna Leon. The author of the bestselling and beloved Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery series is a fan of The Soul of an Octopus.

Children will review the finalists and choose a winner. What do Animals Think and Feel? Sy joined a panel of experts on The Agenda, a Canadian current affairs program that tackles big issues each week. Watch it here. Welcome home Huck.

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In his day Christopher Hogwood loved to bust out of his pen and see the neighborhood. That pig is still travelling. The Good Good Pig — which stars Mr.

Hogwood — is now in its 19 th printing. There are more than , copies of the paperback in print. Take a look at the books on the list here.

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Go Team Hyena. And check out those sporty leech socks that Sy and her fellow researchers are wearing. And note this sockless dhole. Watching Wolves. Everyone has a favorite animal. He tells Sy that you can learn about wolves by watching their wolf ways here.

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Thank you John and your teacher, Rachel Martin, for this suggestion. Sy is going to the dogs — and wombats are why. In January Sy will join an Earthwatch expedition studying wild dogs in Thailand. After five years working as a science journalist at a daily newspaper, my father gave me the gift of my dreams: a plane ticket to Australia.

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No other land boasts so many marsupials — mammals whose tiny, undeveloped young, and sweet belly pockets to hold them, had fascinated me since childhood. But what to do once I got there? Pamela Parker, studying the underground lives of the southern hairy-nosed wombat at Blanchetown Conservation Park in South Australia. A lot of our work involved counting fecal pellets.

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But I could not have been more riveted by the work.